Rainbow Fluorite Gemstone Dice Set
Rainbow Fluorite Gemstone Dice Set

Rainbow Fluorite Gemstone Dice Set

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These beautiful playing dice sets are all created by hand with the utmost care taken to provide you with the best product possible. Your dice will be accurately cut and the engraving will be centered beautifully. We use a perfect balance of semi-precious gemstone in these lovely dice sets. They are excellent for any tabletop dice games you and your friends would like to play. Our dice make amazing gifts for people who love role-playing dice games, such as dungeons and dragons. They can be purchased as sets or you can choose to order any amount of dice that you need. We offer dice in different styles. You can pick the number of sides you’d like your dice to have and we have sets with different art symbols on them. We have a set of dice to suit any taste and for any purpose.


Item Features:
- Handmade
- High-quality
- Semi-precious gemstone
- Order a full set or any quantity
- Engraved numbers/art/logos
- Please feel free to contact us with any questions