How To Make Custom D20 D&D Dice (Quick & Easy) 2023

Ever Wonder How To Make Custom D20 D&D Dice?

Well we did as well. There’s nothing like rolling your custom D20 dice and landing a nat-20, then crushing the grueling monster in front of your D&D team. The thrill of the win is great, but even better than that: the fact that it was your own custom D20 that did the job. There’s a greater sense of pride! Plus, your friends are jealous of your beautiful creation. Don’t lie, that aspect is pretty nice too.

How Do I Make a Custom D20 Dice Right Now?

Well you’re in luck! It just so happens that we at D&D Den have a quick and easy portal to make your own custom D&D dice in seconds! We’re talking custom, handcrafted gemstone dice. Your favorite colors. Your favorite designs. Your favorite symbols or words. What more could you possibly want?!?!

The Process

Like I said, the process is easy as ever! We spent a long time creating a means of letting our community design their own D&D d20’s. So we wanted to ensure the process was as easy as physically possible for them. Follow these steps down below, and you’ll be making custom D20’s in mere seconds.

1. Choose Your Material

You must choose the perfect D20 dice material for your character! We have a grand total of 15 different dice materials to choose from, so choose wisely. Are you a knight? Then perhaps our Green Fluorite. Are you a stealth archer? Then I think Blue Sandstone is the way to go. Are you a blood-thirsty orc? Then it’s probably best you shop elsewhere, scum! Just kidding, I’d probably recommend Tiger’s Eye for you!

2. The Big Choice: Word or Symbol?

Now, there’s a big choice here for you. Do you want your personalized dice to have a custom monogram (I.e. a phrase or initials) or a special symbol? Really think this one through! If you have a special symbol that defines you (or your character) then the choice is clear. But you can’t go wrong either way! Both forms of dice customization are winners.

3. The Monogram Option

If you choose to go for a personal monogram, then enter it in the gray box! We can only fit up to 4 letters on our handmade dice, so choose them wisely. We tend to get a lot of swear words for our monogram option, so perhaps that will inspire you! Another popular choice is initials, of course.

4. The Custom Image Option

Having a custom image or symbol on your personalized d20 is amazing! If you have a logo or possibly just a character-representing symbol, then that’s always an awesome bet. Another common one we receive is designs of popular D&D figures online (Critical Role, Adventure Zone, Not Another D&D Podcast, etc.) So let that further inspire your creativity!

5. Nat-20 or Nat-1

Now, the final choice has arrived. And a very significant choice, dare I say! Do you want your personalization on the Nat-20 or Nat-1 side of your custom dice? Of course, this one depends on if it’s a positive or negative message you’re having us make for you. A negative message tends to do well on the natural 1, and a positive message tends to do well on the nature 20. That makes sense, right? So yet again, choose wisely!

Personalize Your Dice!

In conclusion, a personalized d20 is always a good idea. And let me say, it tends to be a great gift too! Custom dice are rare, personal and creative. We started our journey of crafting them because we wanted them for ourselves out of love for D&D. This spiraled into more and more folks requesting them, so here we are! Our destiny is creating your very own custom D20 D&D dice. What are you waiting for? Buy DND dice! You deserve this! This is well paired with our DND dice tower!