Faux Leather Embossed DM Screen for Dungeons and Dragons (Ship & Cthulu Design)

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Faux Leather Embossed DM Screen for Dungeons and Dragons

When you first start DMing, one of the first things you realize is that you need a DM screen.

This intricately crafted faux-leather Dungeon Masters Screen is the perfect tool to help craft your adventures. This hand-made faux leather screen features an impressive embossed illustration of a Mimic and a Dragon, perfect for adding atmosphere to your gaming table.

It also offers a great way to hide your notes and secret details from your players. The screen is made from high quality faux-leather and is designed to last for years. Its sturdy construction and beautiful design will not only look great in your gaming room but also provide a great way to keep your secrets safe.

The four pockets on each panel come with pre-provided 5e rules, stats and information for your convenience. However these can easily be swapped out for any A4 sized sheet of paper of your own.


Approximate Screen Dimensions:
9x12 inch (closed)
12x36 inch (opened)

Faux leather

Package Included:
- Four-panel DM Screen
- Felt case